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Changes In Your Family Can Be Full of Difficult Choices

You Don’t Have To Make Them Alone and Uninformed

Few legal matters are more emotionally sensitive than those involving your loved ones, especially if you and a family member fall on different sides of a dispute. The next chapter of your family does not have to be a painful one. Getting the right support and guidance will ease the path forward for years to come.

Additionally, family court judges have great discretion in making decisions that will affect the lives of involved parties for generations. In both respects, guidance from an Anderson family lawyer or child custody lawyer may be crucial in achieving a positive resolution in your case.

Whether you are seeking to dissolve your marriage, address a disagreement over custody or support obligations, establish a binding agreement before or after you marry your partner, or even formalize an adoption, working with an attorney like Greg Steele may be key to protecting your and your family’s best interests.

Serving clients throughout South Carolina, including Anderson, Greenville, and Greenville County.

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Anderson Family Court Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Small Town Service For Life’s Big Decision

At Steele Family Law, we focus on the family through the lens of creating the next best chapter of your life. Divorce happens in Anderson and Greenville too – but it doesn’t have to ruin this season of your life or poison your children’s future. We want to focus on next steps and big decisions that impact your daily lives the most.

Dignified Divorce – Divorce does not have to mean slinging mud, fighting, or being terrified of the next chapter. Hiring Greg Steele as your divorce lawyer means you get to move ahead while focusing on your healing, while we do the heavy lifting, negotiating, and even fighting on your behalf.

Fearless Child Custody – Because Greg Steele has spent years working on best outcomes through the GAL program in Anderson, SC, he comes with rich experienced in putting together plans that serve children and allow families to work together so children can enjoy life without the tensions and pressures that can be crippling in stressful child custody matters.

Future Planning – Being able to focus on the future through the fog of current confusion helps realign vision so couples can move confidently forward as individuals and families can move forward on a redefined path into their new chapter. We can help you with estate planning and your estate administration matters so you can get back to life with a reminder of what you are working toward.

Guiding Your Family For Generations Anderson and Greenville Family Attorney Greg Steele

The Process

Success for you and your family will be different. We want to serve you with care specific to what you need. That begins with knowing the beginning and desired outcomes. This allows us to navigate the journey – so you do not have to.

1. Get Prepared

Talk to the intake team to get ready to get together. Gather your documents and pertinent information. We are looking forward to meeting you!

2. Share Your Life

No matter the legal matter, we want to know about you and how we can help support you and your family.

3. Chart A Course

After our discussion, we will collaborate with you for a direction to strategically navigate your circumstance and move you toward your goals.

4. Advocate For You

Your family is our business and your best interest is our concern during this time where we find the best outcomes for you and your family through mediation or family litigation (sometimes both).

5. Turn The Page

Even after your Family Law matter is resolved, we are here as a member of the community and asset whenever you need us in the next chapter of your journey.

You Choose How Things Get Better

Anxiety-Fueling Fear About What’s Next OR Clarity and Peace Through The Process

Angry Arguments About Parental Time OR Happy and Healthy Co Parenting

Fighting, Feuding, and Bitterness OR Moving On and Getting Better

Trapped, Caught, and Afraid OR Confident, Cared For, Supported

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Divorce and Child Custody Does Not Have To Be Devastating

So many times we hear terrible stories of loss and fear through divorce and child custody. Ten of your closest friends might offer horror stories of their experiences. We are here to help you feel at peace while moving through a challenging part of your personal – and family – journey. Take back your peace of mind while navigating the Anderson Family Court system, by choosing Steele Family Law as your guide through the process. We will lighten the emotional toll by doing the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Your next step determines the rest of the journey
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