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A guardian ad litem is a person chosen by the court to represent the best interests of minor children in acrimonious child custody and visitation matters. The guardian ad litem serves as the child’s attorney and acts in the child’s best interest. When the court has reasonable grounds to believe the parental disputes involve a child’s welfare or that more research is needed to ascertain what is in the child’s best interest, a guardian ad litem is assigned. In instances where significant claims of abuse and neglect or concerns about the safety and welfare of the child are made, a guardian ad litem is also appointed. Are you in a matter where a guardian ad litem will likely need to be appointed? Please stop by our office or call to schedule an appointment with an Anderson child custody attorney at Steele Family Law.

The Responsibilities of an Anderson Guardianship Ad Litem

The particular responsibilities of the guardian ad litem will depend on the circumstances of the case and the nature of the process. S.C. Code Ann. 63-3-830 outlines the general duties of an Anderson guardianship ad litem. As an agent of the court, a guardian ad litem has the ultimate responsibility to conduct investigations. The guardian ad litem does thorough research into all facets of the case, and can be made privy to private information. Both the child’s educational and medical records are accessible to the guardian ad litem. An Anderson guardian ad litem might request the parties’ medical records through petition to the family court and visit with and observe the kid at least once.

Armed with this information, the guardian ad litem compiles it into a report, and offers recommendations to the court regarding the best course of action for the child based on the findings. Based on the study’s facts, the final written report could include impartial conclusions that may or may not be in your favor. Unless the court modifies that deadline, the final written report must be delivered to the court and all parties no later than 20 days before the merits hearing, but in no event later than 10 days beforehand.

If you have more questions about the responsibilities of a guardianship ad litem, contact a Greenville guardianship attorney from Steele Family Law.

Strict Requirements for an Anderson Guardianship Ad Litem

These requirements are outlined in South Carolina Code Section 63-3-820. A layperson can serve as a guardian ad litem, but the court often chooses an attorney to serve as a guardian ad litem. The court may be asked by a party or the current guardian ad litem to appoint a guardian ad litem attorney through a motion. The appointment might be made with a consent order. The order selecting the attorney must specify the justification for the appointment and the procedure for paying the attorney. A guardian ad litem lawyer must annually complete six hours of family law CLE credit in custody and visitation, though the court has the authority to waive this obligation.

An Anderson Guardianship Ad Litem Considers the Best Interest of the Child

When deciding who should have custody of a child or when making other decisions involving the child, family courts in South Carolina frequently employ the “best interest of the child” approach. In South Carolina, if a guardian ad litem is required, the court will appoint one if it cannot be adequately informed about what the best interest of the child would be. An Anderson Guardian ad litem helps in supplying information about conditions impacting the child’s well-being, particularly those pertaining to custody and visitation.

This information is also helpful when a child is taken into care by other family members. It happens most frequently when parents cannot agree on a parenting schedule for their kids.

Under these criteria, various aspects are considered, including:

  • The child’s connection with each parent
  • The stability of the parent’s living situation
  • The parent’s capacity for cooperation
  • The physical and mental state of the parents
  • Past drug and alcohol abuse
  • History of domestic violence

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