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Our legal team at Steele Family Law is aware of how challenging dissolving a marriage may be, especially after years of building it up. Finances and assets are intertwined. Sometimes, there can be no actual separation because kids are involved.

As emotions run high and patience wears thin, we anticipate questions you may have regarding divorce proceedings in Liberty, South Carolina. Our team at Steele Family Law is ready to help. Contact us today.

Residency Requirement For A Divorce In Liberty, SC

Per the National Center for Health Statistics, divorce rates in South Carolina have steadily decreased from a record high of 4.5% in 1990. If you choose to divorce, there are some requirements you should know.

Depending on your situation, these are the residency requirements for you:

  • You must have lived in South Carolina for three months if you were both state residents when you filed.
  • If  you or your spouse is a nonresident, the resident spouse must have lived in SC for at least a year before you file.

If you meet one of the above requirements, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Liberty divorce attorney.

Ask Your Liberty Divorce Attorney About Alimony

With the help of professional legal representation, securing the alimony agreement you require might be easier. Even an agreement already made with a spouse needs to be approved by the court. You may encounter unexpected difficulties after a divorce because local courts must follow strict protocols when making spousal support decisions.

A judge may order four types of alimony during a divorce case, as stated in the South Carolina Code of Laws 20-3-130.

Periodic alimony is the most typical kind of spousal support and is paid regularly unless and until one party demonstrates a significant or material change in circumstances.

Alternatively, a judge may order lump-sum alimony to be paid in one go or rehabilitative alimony, intended to support one spouse until they can obtain the education or employment training they need after divorce.

Lastly, the court may mandate reimbursement alimony if one spouse pays for the other’s career or educational aspirations. A spouse could make a compelling argument for or against receiving spousal support with the assistance of our diligent attorney.

Save yourself the hassle and contact a Liberty divorce attorney to help obtain the alimony payment you need.

Divorce Resources in Liberty, SC

Some spouses sacrificed their careers to raise a family and have no way to provide for themselves. If you are being paid spousal support, it may be temporary. It is best to reach out to a financial advisor.

For help managing their wealth, Pickens County, South Carolina, residents can turn to a financial advisor. To help you maximize your alimony payments, they can provide various services. They can assist you in developing a strategy that is especially suited to your life, from retirement planning to investing guidance.

Here are a few financial advisors in your area:

ACI Financial 
154 Exchange St.
Pendleton, SC 29670

Edward Jones – Financial Advisor Evan Price
408 N. Main St.
Anderson, SC 29621

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Our team knows how to handle family situations in a way that is efficient and respectful.

We help Liberty residents navigate various family law matters, including:

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The Process

Success for you and your family will be different. We want to serve you with care specific to what you need. That begins with knowing the beginning and desired outcomes. This allows us to navigate the journey – so you do not have to.

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After our discussion, we will collaborate with you for a direction to strategically navigate your circumstance and move you toward your goals.

4. Advocate For You

Your family is our business and your best interest is our concern during this time where we find the best outcomes for you and your family through mediation or family litigation (sometimes both).

5. Turn The Page

Even after your Family Law matter is resolved, we are here as a member of the community and asset whenever you need us in the next chapter of your journey.

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